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Tune in SUNDAY 3/20 from 4-7pm PT on for the Kickstarter telethon for Erik Myers and Tomorrow's Nobody's cartoon series pilot, "COURT ORDERED".

Erik Myers, Eric Freedman, and Tony Celano will be hosting the telethon w/ members of the cast coming through(Sam Tripoli, Becky Robinson, and possibly Jay Davis), and a bunch of comedians, musicians, and friends dropping in to say what's up and entertain ALL OF YOU!

You can tune in or come see it in person at Meltdown Comics and Collectibles in Hollywood.

WATCH THE LIVESTREAM ON (you'll be able to call-in and/or tweet at us #courtordered): 

Hope to see a ton of friendly faces out at this and watching online tomorrow! Stop by at anytime to watch or join in!

Or, if you just can't wait, PLEDGE NOW!

We just launched a Kickstarter for our cartoon series "Court Ordered​"! Please check it out, share, comment, and donate! We appreciate any and all support so much! #CourtOrdered


Court Ordered Kickstarter:


We're trying to raise enough money to animate an 11min pilot episdoe. The series features an all stand-up comedian cast and on-going guest stars.


COURT ORDERED is a show about down on his luck alcoholic, drug addict ERIK MYERS,who is sentenced to Rehab Group Therapy after being arrested for drunk driving. There, Erik meets an array of characters who help him on his journey to getting rehabilitated back into life. Struggling with the stresses of looking for work, dating, and dealing with everyday people, all while completely sober.



This is a short proof of concept for a half hour series we're working on right now with Stand Up Comedian, Erik Myers. Very excited about this show as the entire cast is, and will be Stand Up Comics.

The series is loosely based on the life and stand up of Erik Myers, as well as the other comic cast members and ongoing guest appearances.

The cartoon was originally featured on the front page of Funny Or Die and now we wanted to bring it to the home of where we first started. 


CREATED BY: Eric J Freedman, Erik Myers, and Tony Celano

WRITTEN BY: Erik Myers and Eric J Freedman

ART and ANIMATION BY: Tony Celano
LIP SYNCING BY: Eric J Freedman

STARRING: Erik Myers, Jay Davis, Becky Robinson, Stephanie Simbari, Sam Tripoli, and Craig Phillip Conant

*It's been a while since we've put anything out on the internet. We're working on a few new series but it will still be a little while before any of them are seen. We are going to try out some different things online in the meantime though.

New cartoon is out now! It took Tony not sleeping over the weekend but we're all pretty fine with it. He looks like the end of this video now.

This is the speech we feel President Obama WANTED to give after the Government shutdown last Tuesday.

Today is Sam's Birthday! He's now 23, despite what his hair says. So pull up a chair, remove some articles of clothing and check out this story he told us all this one time. There's even a link in the corner of the video if you just can't take the suspense or have to pee really bad.


"The Tale of The Craigslist Hookup"

And in case you missed it, we put out a sketch a few weeks ago.

"Tony's Boo Boo"

New cartoons, videos, comics and news on some other projects coming soon! Like our Facebook page to get the most updates:

We put out a new cartoon today. It's part of a new series. We're planning on trying out a lot of short animations but will also get to some longer ones. Just messing around with some ideas right now.

We are also getting to work on a Teaser Trailer for our new series, "Nobodies", and hope to have that out around the beginning of March. We will have some other cartoons and videos going up before then though.


NEW CARTOON! Check it out!

Tomorrow's Nobody Returns Trailer 2013

2013-01-02 19:53:51 by Tomorrows-Nobody

Happy New Year everyone!

We have been working on a new cartoon series, that we are developing for Television...along with a few other shows we're developing right now as well. We are also returning to the internet and working on a ton of new projects that we hope you all will enjoy.

Here's a trailer we put together. ENJOY!

Also, follow us as we work towards getting this cartoon show onto TV.


Tomorrow's Nobody is: Eric Freedman, Tony Celano, Sam Haft and Ben Hagarty

Past Members are: Ben Saunders, David Sapp, Chase Suddarth and Chris Dilbeck

See everything Chase has been working on here. You'll also hear David's voice in some of the stuff:
Low Brow Studios

Ben Saunders is in a rad Hardcore band:
Move Forward


TN Returns and New Christmas Short!

2012-12-25 12:07:27 by Tomorrows-Nobody

Hey everyone,

Its been a while since we've been around here. We have been working on some big projects behind the scenes lately and haven't done anything on the internet in a bit. We are going to change that. Starting with a Claymation Christmas short.

We're very excited to return and can't wait to show you guys what we've been working on. Newgrounds is where we started and it feels good to be back. And for everyone who has no idea who we are, we'll change that soon.


Watch the new cartoon!

TN Returns and New Christmas Short!

New Sketch out! "Big Shoes To Fill" is Fil and Tonys' first sketch with Tomorrow's Nobody. Tony you have already seen around here a little bit in his own videos, he animated "The Sweetest Guy" and is working on "Mr. Silkypants". Fil is brand new around here. You will be seeing him a lot more though. We will be recording and making a music video, for a song he wrote, soon.

/* */
Watch here or on: OUR SITE, YOUTUBE, or Myspace

*Also check out this little extra!

"The Sweetest Guy" - Watch on: OUR SITE, NEWGROUNDS, OR YOUTUBE

Tony's first animation for Tomorrow's Nobody. Another short little toon. About 1 min long and written about 5 years ago. Lots of new stuff in the works though. All of which will be longer. 3 cartoons, 1 song/animated music video, and 4 live videos all in the works! Updates to come on all of those. For constant updates check us out on Our Site, Twitter, or Myspace.

Make sure to check out some of Tony's other animations HERE.

Out Store is up. It's just a temp store. There's not a lot of shirts left and most all will not be printed again. So if there's one you want pick it up.


Tomorrow's Nobody

NEW Toon and our Store is up!