NEW CARTOON! Obama - Gov. Shutdown Speech

2013-10-08 19:05:31 by Tomorrows-Nobody

*It's been a while since we've put anything out on the internet. We're working on a few new series but it will still be a little while before any of them are seen. We are going to try out some different things online in the meantime though.

New cartoon is out now! It took Tony not sleeping over the weekend but we're all pretty fine with it. He looks like the end of this video now.

This is the speech we feel President Obama WANTED to give after the Government shutdown last Tuesday.


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2013-10-09 04:17:51

Congrats on making the daily first! Just goes to show, we aren't that insulated here at NG... still ignore plenty of other stuff though, like Congress |:


2013-10-09 12:48:05

This is hilarious!


2013-10-13 01:42:28

It's good to have you back. Been a fan since the beginning. You guys rock.


2014-11-01 01:38:32

Man, you guys are so under appreciated here :(