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New DVD and Comic-Con '07

2007-07-23 21:13:47 by Tomorrows-Nobody

Hey Everyone,

We haven't been around here for a little while now because we were busy working on a DVD. It is done now and up for Pre-Order. It's 2 Discs filled with about 8 hrs of content and it contains all your favorite TN cartoons and live film along with a bunch of DVD exclusives. Such as, TN6 Animatic and Counter-Strike Mic Fun 2.

Pre-Order Here

Also we will be at Comic-Con again with our buddy Maddox. We will be at the "Maddox Productions" booth #4618. Our friends from Explosm, "Cyanide and Happiness" comics, will also be stopping by to sign autographs and draw comics. Our booth is right around the corner from the Newgrounds booth. So stop by, hang out, shoot David in the balls, and pick up the new DVD.

Hope to see everyone there!

New DVD and Comic-Con '07


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2007-07-23 21:24:14

I'm gonna nail David in the balls this year.

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

He'll be waiting. We bought 2 brand new guns just for Comic-Con.


2007-07-23 21:31:01

Have fun you lucky bitches :D


2007-07-23 22:26:27

lol at Tom's post =P

Snap, I really wish I could go to Comic-Con this year. I haven't been before either. It sounds AMAZING!!
Well, have fun, TN (and Explosm, as well) =D


2007-07-23 22:43:17

The DVD sounds awsome.



2007-07-24 00:04:49

Sounds awesome, Ill consider buying it


2007-07-24 02:30:26

Do any of you fine fellows remember Mia from the Anthem outlet mall? She's sitting here and says hi.


2007-07-28 00:10:23

I should have bought your Ultiment Fan package. But it was nice hanging out with you guys for the day.


2007-07-30 21:29:13

Wazzzz up!


2007-08-23 03:13:05

you lucky bastards...tom fulp AND he is first post...>:( ;)